Boxted Hall Suffolk Wedding Photography

Lauren and Rich admirably planned their wedding in just a few months and when I met Lauren over coffee it was decided that she was probably the most laid back bride-to-be I have ever met! Despite the short timeline, everything was planned with great attention to detail. I love the look on the bridesmaids faces as they opened their cards, the ‘just-in-case’ umbrellas that became invaluable, not to forget the stand alone event of putting Lauren’s dress on! Special touches included charity favours as a meaningful alternative to traditional wedding favours. I think what I love most is both Lauren and Rich’s beaming smiles throughout the day. What a beautiful day it was!

A special thanks to my lovely second shooter Denise, who captured the groomsmen at the Packhorse Inn and bridge, as well as the ceremony shots at the back of the church and throughout the reception at Boxted Hall.

Venue: Boxted Hall

Some kind words from Lauren:

“Noor, the photos are AMAZING!!!! We absolutely love what we have seen so far, I especially like the ones of me getting into the dress, what drama that was! I forgot how I gave all the girls a ‘high five’ once I was in it! Such lovely memories 🙂 And I really enjoyed seeing the ones of the boys in the pub and walking to the church and guests arriving – so nice to see those photos as it was the one part of the day I didn’t experience myself and the guests have been captured beautifully. 

Lauren x”